If there was ever a time in our country for pulling together, now is that time! So much more can be accomplished by teaming with others, respecting others, and supporting others. The importance of creating unity out of diversity has never been greater. Even celebrating our differences, matching our strengths with the weaknesses of others, produces a healthy community. And protecting each other from unsafe activities, including drug use, is an important part of being a good friend and citizen. That's the message in Motivational Media Assemblies' new elementary school program, TOGETHER.

Good can triumph over evil. We can keep a positive, hopeful attitude, even in the face of tremendous evil. Standing up against evil, and standing firm beside others who are committed to doing what is good and right increases hope. Building a feeling of faith and hope is something we can all do everyday.

Pulling together means doing what is best for the whole group. Doing good sometimes means sacrificing for the good of others, for the good of the whole group. This involves personal denial and sharing with others. In a day and age where personal rights or satisfaction is often the first goal, we need to be aware of the needs of others. Firemen and policemen have provided us great examples of helping others.

Being different can be a good thing. Sometimes, we avoid or reject other people because they are different! We need to be inclusive, making room in our school or community for different kinds of people. Some people are strong where you are weak. Adding our strengths to each other makes for a strong group.

Protecting others from harm is part of being a good friend. All of us can make mistakes. When it comes to safety issues, our reminders to people or our challenges to them can make a difference. Helping others stay away from drugs or avoid violence can save their lives, or keep them from terrible injuries. Your voice on safety is needed!

Being a leader means taking action! Some people just sit there and do nothing. You can be a person who gets involved and does something good to make a change. And keeping involved, even when life gets tough, is what brings about many of the best changes. Not giving up on people, helping them not quit, is all part of sticking together and building a great world.

Everyone hears the statement, "united we stand, divided we fall" and we are challenged to bring people together. We can be inspired by the heroics of others to stand firm for the safety and progress of everyone. We can respect people, even when they are different from us, and learn to appreciate what they have to give. We can move from being selfish to sharing and kind. And we can get up and get involved, realizing that our true strength lies in pulling TOGETHER!