motivational Media assemblies - showtime

Every person wants to be noticed and have their moment in the sun. Young people often undervalue themselves and miss great opportunities for success. Every obstacle we overcome creates either strength or frustration. You either turn from apathy and fear, to maximize your efforts, or you get overwhelmed by life. These days, fearful circumstances are on the rise, producing anxiety and collapse. This attitude affects high rates of dropout, drug use, obesity and driving crashes. Our message is that now is the time to take action! Only a renewed commitment to health, safety and personal maturity can reverse the course.

We either face our fears or get ruled by them. People are developing adequacy as they grow. We all want to feel confident and capable. Facing our fears and battling them head-on develops faster learning and toughness. If we build our level of preparation and increase our level of effort, we will move forward faster. Our attitude should be more of "bring it on", looking forward to the challenge, uplifting others as we go.

We may be looking for validation more than looking for maturity.
Some people want to be given recognition or praise without growth or true accomplishment. No personal growth comes without sacrifice and pain. If we want the easy way out, we will pay the price of immaturity. Wanting acceptance for any decision made is unreal. You can’t always fix every mistake. We need to challenge every moment of stupidity and weakness, caring more about growing than losing. How much we care about health and safety often determines our choices. What we study, eat, drink, and how safely we drive is often affected by apathy, inexperience or immature decision-making!

It’s time to replace apathy with action.
Not every choice is equal. Inaction is killing us. Too often, people are all talk, no substance. You cannot get something for nothing. To people ready to act, it’s Showtime! It’s time to end the degrading of people, social strife and the lack of good leadership. Young people can rise up, lead the way. Instead of being a victim, we can lead - make a stand and push for positive changes now.

It’s time to stop blaming and bring people together for change in our society.
We cannot let other voices dominate the discussion when our voice is needed. If you care about improving things, you must speak up. Teen driving crashes are still the leading killers of young people. Obesity, racial tension and poverty still need dramatic change. If you combine passion with purpose, your involvement will make a difference.

Action needs good direction. All of us have the opportunity to discover what is best to be and use that to create positive change. A strong sense of personal responsibility can guide our voice. Each of us can ask “if not me, who? If not now, when?” We can save lives by urging people to get moving to a better way. Not enough people are providing good leadership, not enough are speaking up. It’s our time to shine, to change the world… it’s our Showtime!