Aimed at grades K to 5

“You’re a shining star, no matter who you are.”

Every person has value, something to offer. Too often we reject others because we see them as different, or because they don’t have the coolest clothes, or gadgets. We all want to be liked and respected, but are we willing to treat others the same? The world is like a big jigsaw puzzle with no extra pieces. Every piece is important. Each person has a place. It is our differences that make us who we are. We can all be shining stars.

Every day people watch how we act toward others. When we are kind, helpful and respectful, people want to become friends. If we belittle others, or push others away rather than include them, others will see us as a bully, and avoid us. Our actions matter. You can light the way when others are down. Good friends support each other, provide encouragement and help each other to shine their brightest. They want them to be safe and healthy. We can all use more friends!

Stars never stop shining, neither should we. No matter how hard we try, we will always make mistakes. We must keep our head up. We have to dig deep, find a good attitude and be determined to learn from our mistakes and move forward. No obstacle is too big, no challenge too hard for us to push ahead if we choose action instead of apathy. “Words of wisdom: Yes I can!”

It is our choices that determine our future. If we want to reach our potential, we need to avoid bad situations and unhealthy choices. Making healthy decisions is important for all of us. Making bad choices can cause us to lose some of our shine, creating problems. A shining star wants to shine as bright as possible to illuminate the way for others.

A shining star is dependable. Everyone wants to be counted on. That means we must be trustworthy, making every effort to follow through on what we begin. Whether it's homework, or chores at home, it is a great feeling to know others can always count on us to do what is expected of us. When you are dependable, you become a magnet for friends, and you become an asset to your family. Who doesn't like to be around people you can always count on? Shine on!

We need strong families. Of all our relationships, family is the most important. Family is where we learn to get along, to stick together. When things go wrong at home, you can be a beacon of hope. By cooperating, helping, and sacrificing at home every day, you help make your family shine!

We need to accept others and never give up. When we realize everyone matters, improve our families, learn from our mistakes and avoid drugs and other unhealthy choices, we can see what our life can truly be!