In a world where so many young people struggle with finding the best path through life, it becomes important for us to build around three things: ATTITUDE, ABILITY and ADAPTABILITY. Our attitude will shape so many decisions we make. The more positive our outlook is, the more we keep pushing through difficulties. The more we learn, the more we practice, the better our ability becomes. Kids need to know that they can rise to high levels and achieve so many great things. And they can adapt to so many challenging situations in life... if they just start each day with old adage, RISE & SHINE.

You can’t get to the finish if you don’t make a good start. So many victories in life depend on how strong you begin your effort. We need to believe that great things are possible. Inspirational people remind us that we can look beyond our flaws or tough circumstances and see a life that can still be reached.

Your status in life is not as important as WHO YOU ARE. So many young people define themselves on their appearance, financial status, popularity or achievement. But the best evaluator is the quality of person you are every moment of every day.

The future is unlimited on WHAT YOU CAN DO. Too many people look at what they know now, how good their skills are now. But the potential in every person to grow in knowledge, creativity, and discipline is phenomenal. If we take on the challenges of today and dig a little deeper, we can be amazing!

It’s best to have a wide picture of WHO YOU CAN LOVE. Many young people are taught to limit their friendships and associations. They’re taught to “dislike” or “distrust” and that leads to a fractured society. We are not better than others when we fail to see their value. Bullying, racial tension, and a lack of respect on campus can be reduced or eliminated with an active campaign for kindness and acceptance.

Your family is where you learn to be great people. Getting along with family members is how you learn to stick together with people. You can contribute love, kindness, generosity, sacrifice and cooperation every day to make a great family!

So many situations for kids can be improved with a better foundation. Academics, health and safety, community service... cannot reach high levels without lifting the heart of a child above the heritage of a child. A world with more passion and harmony will inspire the best in our kids. Choosing to be friendly, drug-free and giving will lead to a better day. It’s time for young people to lead a movement of positive spirit... time to RISE & SHINE!