Aimed at primary school students

“Birds fly over the rainbow... why, then, oh why can’t I?”

Every person has some kind of dream of reaching for a better day, a better life. That dream might be something they want to become, or achieve. It might be a wish that they have for others. Too often, they run into problems or circumstances that block their progress. A positive attitude will allow people to keep believing, pushing through difficulties, overcoming the obstacles. And being determined every day, to work hard and never give up, will bring progress. Today is another opportunity. We can become GREAT people. We can find our path to over the rainbow.

Somewhere... You can’t get to a good life without a good direction. So many victories in life depend on a strong will and a good life path. We need to gain strength from our hard times and choose a good path in life. The kind of person you decide to be every day makes all the difference. Inspirational people remind us that we can look beyond our flaws or tough circumstances and see a life that can still be reached.

Someday... Wishing for a change is not “acting” for change. So many young people fail to take the actions necessary for progress. Learning from mistakes and changing our bad habits is important to do. It’s not enough to dream of a better day, we need to “make” a better day. Walking the walk, not just talking the talk, is necessary for success.

Somehow... The best people decide to be the best people. Love is our guide. Today, young people facing teasing, bullying, and rejection that lowers their sense of hope everyday. We need an explosion of “acts of kindness” in our schools and cities. And making better choices for staying healthy, avoiding drugs, and rejecting violence will protect us from losing our way.

Someone... You get to a better life by working together. Building “teams,” helping your family, gives you a better chance to succeed. Many young people are taught to limit their friendships and associations. You never know where your next best friend will come from. Be more supportive! And working together makes big problems seem smaller, more solvable.

Other people share your dreams. It’s time to join together and make them happen. By giving your best, staying on the right path, and treating people with kindness, you create GREATNESS everyday. We can adapt and overcome, roll with the punches. We can welcome the challenges, keep seeing opportunities. If others people have done it, so can we. We can join our dreams with our actions and find the way faster. A better life is waiting for you. Your dreams are yours to find, OVER THE RAINBOW.