So many people these days seem to be unmotivated, immature, confused or following poor examples. The chance to be passionate, directed and excellent in every positive way is available to each of us every day. The trouble is that we may not CARE and may not LEAD enough to make good things happen.

Maturity is not a given, it just doesn’t happen automatically as we age. It is something we decide to embrace, being willing to learn and grow. It means overcoming the obstacles we face every day, not making excuses, and developing wisdom. But most of all, it means leading the way, setting a better example for others, and influencing the social norms in our world.

For too long now, we have had poor leaders, in business, government and education. The result has been social and economic chaos. For young people, the time to act is NOW... it’s OUR TIME!

Passion for learning is a key to excellence. The inner game is often what produces a champion, who has thedesire, who is willing to learn. Success is often more heart than skill. We can push through the hard times and tough situations knowing that adversity makes us stronger. Struggles are necessary for growth. You are what you overcome!

You can’t achieve greatness by following poor examples. Many of us learn the wrong way by following “badexamples.” We don’t grow wiser, leaving us immature. We make excuses, we blame others for our rough times.We often demand that somebody else make things change for the good and make our lives better. Don’t wait for them. Get involved and LEAD the charge! That means being kinder, smarter and safer. Practice respect, healthier eating and safer driving. Take charge of your life and LEAD the way!

Pain has a way of teaching us a better way. We are creatures of pleasure, not creatures of pain. If things become painful, we turn away from them. That can help us improve our choices, but pain will not be enough. We will have to find the attraction in better ways or directions for our lives. We will have to see the benefits, not just the pleasure to be gained in changing direction, and embrace them.

Our passion must be joined with others to create change. One person can make a difference. But many problems will take many people to band together for lasting change. We must find common ground, rebuild community, and push through changes in social norms. Good friends push each other toward greatness! Avoiding drug use, overeating, dropping out of school, and unsafe driving will save lives. Choose the best!

Too often, we keep waiting for somebody else to lead or make changes. We sit back and complain. Now is the time for empowerment, where each of us rises up to high capacity for action. We need to give all young people the permission and paths to be great. A full development of people is the missing piece. There are too many weaknesses or poor character traits leading to failure. And we need more leaders! The time for taking action is now. The need is now. It is OUR TIME!