One Day

Every person has dreams and visions of how life could be, or should be. We see a better day, that "one day"... But good life doesn"t happen by accident. It is chosen. It is planned for. It is worked for with steady determination. In trying times, young people are rediscovering the value of good decision-making. You cannot make the great decisions on that future one day unless you’re making solid decisions every day now. Today’s youth face uncertainty, boredom, peer pressure, moral confusion and unhealthy choices. Social-emotional failure means high rates of dropout, drug use, obesity and driving crashes. Their only hope to navigate through this maze of trouble is to cultivate wisdom and make good choices.

Embrace determination more than talent. The inner game is often what produces a champion, even more than ability. Success is often more heart than skill. We can push through the hard times and tough situations knowing that adversity makes us stronger. Struggles are necessary for growth. Accept them. Overcome your obstacles!

You can’t achieve a goal without a plan. Many young people go through life expecting that good circumstances will literally "fall into place". They move through days with little purpose or direction. They lack a plan. When it comes to good health and safety, playing loose with your choices can end in disaster. Bad habits can be recognized and reformed. Change your ways!

A healthy or wise choice is not a sacrifice. Some people see the highest choice being the least fun or rewarding, as if they’re "giving up" something, not gaining something. We need positive beliefs, counting all of the benefits, seeing the right choice as attractive and desirable. We need to be more vocal about what is good and best to choose. Avoiding drug use, overeating and unsafe driving will save lives. Choose the best!

You either lift up your friends to better days or you hold them back. Friends keep each other moving forward. Holding people accountable for making good choices is friendship…at the highest level. Allowing people to stay lazy or in trouble is to jeopardize their future. Good friends push each other toward greatness! And, collectively, we need to push our society to change. We cannot let other voices dominate the discussion when our voice is needed. It’s time to speak up!

We are what we practice being every day. Actions build patterns. Each good decision we make creates more confidence and stability. Positive momentum creates enthusiasm. That’s what people need these days... strength of character and hope. You can comfort people with the thought that “everything will work out OK.” But that is not automatic. You have to choose the right way. Wearing seat belts, eating healthy food, and picking good friends will pay off in the end. Every GOOD DAY leads to that great ONE DAY.