Aimed at high school students

Many people are not reaching their full potential these days. They lack passion, direction, conviction, determination, and real heart... and never seem to rise above the norm. It’s extremely satisfying when you’re using all of your talent, experience and opportunities to make the most progress possible. With problems like apathy, bullying, drug use, violence, depression, academic pressure and unsafe driving, young people will need to take charge of their lives and give a full response! Only a strong stand will keep them on the right path... no half-way, semi-committed effort will do. They need an “all-out, no holding back” effort to succeed. It’s time to LIVE OUT LOUD!

Our heroes tend to live inspirational lives. They embrace hard work and dedication to improve... they have a real hunger. They have learned that the easiest, or shortest, route is not often the best. They embrace the challenges of life in order to be their best. They take charge!

You have to go through a trial to get stronger. Bailing out on a challenge doesn’t overcome it. Strength and toughness doesn’t come from a discussion, it comes from getting “out there” in the real world and pushing through every difficulty. The “perfect” life is filled with imperfections. Every time you push through your hard times, it makes you stronger. It comes with experience!

Good things rarely come from bad decisions. We are constantly tempted into bad decisions. From poor eating, to drug use, to unsafe driving, teens are making a lot of poor choices. Today, we equate “fun” with “less responsibility.” So many situations, from alcohol poisoning to distracted driving crashes, come from someone’s bad decisions. Love means providing positive leadership, challenging people for better direction, even if they have trouble accepting it. Your intervention may save a life.

You can stand up without standing alone. One person, alone, can easily fall. We can work together to change the way things are before situations reach a critical stage. There is strength in numbers, so join with others and create a powerful team. Express yourself, raise your voice, get involved and make a loud difference! It’s time for a new generation of leaders who care more about being servants than being celebrities. Don’t stay on the sidelines!

Make progress or make excuses. We only have one lifetime to do it right. We either take our opportunities or we lose them. In a Facebook/YouTube world, we can get locked into “watching” reality vs. “changing” it. Too many people are not pushing themselves, stretching themselves, and settling for a mediocre life. We need to get up and get moving... reach for the stars! All of us will need to push our imaginations! Innovate, innovate, innovate!

We can shape our world instead of watch it self-destruct. Reaching your FULL POTENTIAL is an ACTIVE process. You can’t just think about it, you have to “act” and get “out” there! Discover who you are and who you can be. It’s about raising your expectations, setting higher goals, and deciding to go-for-it. Changing your patterns, your decisions, is where you can begin. Life only gets better when we choose to get better. We can watch life or make it happen. People are hurting these days or dying. Our daily choices is... be a spectator, or a participant. Get our there and LIVE OUT LOUD!