You gotta have heart ... that’s what they say. For young people, many aspects of life are needing a lot of desire, real enthusiasm. But, to be successful, they will have to act, do something to put steps into motion. These days kids battle against family crisis, childhood obesity, academic stress and more. They cannot afford to be complacent and uninvolved. Today is the day to take action and make this world a better place! It starts with building a “good” heart.

Key topics covered:

  • Every person has value.
  • Everyone learns from stumbling and making mistakes.
  • Everyone chooses to be constructive or destructive.
  • Every person discovers love when giving to others.

It is not easy to build a great life. It takes smart choices, willpower to keep going, and good friends to support you along the way. Many moments will come down to the choices you make. The way to reduce childhood obesity, drug use or student conflicts is by producing change. We can build a caring spirit and match that with action. The safety and health of man children are threatened by poor eating/ exercise habits, the use of drugs, and academic mediocrity. Now is the time to create a generation of young people, on the combines the best of hearts & hands.