Aimed at Grades K to 5

In today’s world, too many young people believe life is all about what they have, not who they are. It is easy to look down on others or be mean. In fact, to help us make better decisions and become better people, we must have three positive traits: ATTITUDE, RESPECT and DETERMINATION. When we put those three things together, we have the HEART OF A CHAMPION

Our attitude shapes not only who we are, but who we become. With a good attitude, a whole world of opportunity is opened to us. It is our attitude that first enables us to cope with difficulties, help others and learn more. A bad attitude often holds us back, causing us to reduce our effort. Attitude and effort go together, so we can do our best. Sometimes it take a real “Heart Of A Champion” to move forward.

Respecting others builds a climate of “community.” We all want to be liked and respected. What we do every day influences how others treat us. If we want respect, we must first be willing to accept and respect others. Learning to appreciate our differences, being kind to others and realizing everyone has value make our world a better placeā€¦a place where everyone feels like they belong.

Determination will carry you through even your darkest days. Nothing is free or “guaranteed” in life. We will run into problems, disappointments and failures. Everyone makes mistakes... and that is not a bad thing, because it means we are learning. We need determination, that never-say-die spirit, to be our best. With determination, we can improve in school, our health and our family relationships.

Our world needs more champions of character. We often define victory in terms of winning some kind of contest, or who has the best looks or grades. It is a positive, caring person that ultimately is the most valuable. A person who expresses joy and kindness is important!

Winning isn’t everything - If things don’t go well on the first try, we need to keep our chin up, and keep trying. Doing our best every day will create better students, healthier bodies, stronger families and caring communities. Giving up only serves to discourage us, making us feel less than we are. It hinders our attitude, our ability to respect ourselves and others, and our willingness to keep going until we find the answer.

It is our compassion for others, our positive attitudes and our ability to learn from our mistakes that make a “HEART OF A CHAMPION!”