Aimed at primary school students

“Are you ready to be a hero?”

How can the average person be a “hero” these days? Would it come from just winning the big game? Or from saving someone’s life? Or would it come from having the courage and determination to endure a challenge and overcome adversity? And would it come from being always dependable, from being a helpful, sacrificial friend? Every day people can reach for their dreams and inspire others to go for a wonderful life. A positive attitude allows people to keep believing, pushing through every difficulty, overcoming every obstacle. Today is another opportunity for us to become everyday heroes!

HEROES inspire others with their spirit. So many victories in life depend on a strong will and a good spirit. Heroes embrace the battle, confront the challenge. They seem to almost enjoy the fight. They have this “bring it on” or “I can take it” spirit. We can become more positive!

HEROES challenge others with their courage. So many young people fail to have the courage of conviction, to do the right thing all of the time. We cannot show our courage by ‘talking’ big, but by ‘living’ big. We need to stand up against bullying, drug use, and social apathy. We need to be people of character and choose a good path in life. The kind of person you decide to be every day makes all the difference. We can become more trustworthy!

HEROES lead others with their actions. Love is our guide. Today, young people are facing teasing, failure, and rejection that lowers their sense of hope everyday. We need an explosion of ‘acts of kindness’ in our schools and cities. And making better choices for staying healthy, practicing respect, and being more friendly will create a better world. We can become more responsible!

HEROES bring us together. Heroic people rally the troops, they call people to join the fight, stand firm in the battle. They are ‘leaders’ who ask everyone to work together, to be unselfish and caring. We need to be building bigger teams of young people to go after solving the problems of our day. That means helping your family, your neighborhood, and your country. Working together, we can solve almost anything!

We can watch heroes or become heroes. It’s time to step up and become all that we dream of being. By giving your best, staying on the right path, and treating people with open kindness, you create real heroism everyday. We can stand firm when others falter. We can welcome the challenges, keep seeing the possibilities. And we can lead the charge for positive change. By never giving up, being that shining star, you can inspire everyone around you. The world is waiting for a new kind of champion, for EVERYDAY HEROES!