Aimed at high school students

As we look around the world, we need more leaders, and people who are more responsible! When you’re young, it’s often “all about me” every day. This self-serving indulgence leads to many bad habits and decisions. These days, we have bullying, drug use, texting and driving, violence, and academic apathy pulling down the lives of so many youth. To generate the most powerful changes possible, young people will have to lead the way and be empowered to act.

Be The DREAM - The world is in need of new dreamers, creators, pioneers... people who will bolt off into the unknown and discover the wonders of tomorrow. Dreamers don’t settle for the plain and ordinary. They push for greatness. Today, many young people are playing it safe, not challenging themselves or going beyond the minimum. Life becomes exciting when you go beyond the norm, raise your limits, and stretch your capacities. When you ‘overcome the present’ and ‘push into the future,’ you become inspirational.

Be The CHANGE - The world is in need of some major changes. From too few jobs, too unstable climates, to too much bullying, drugs, and violence, we need change. But there’s too much talk and not enough action. There are rallies for awareness but not plans being built to guide the change process. It comes from you leading the charge, demonstrating how society can be led into a better direction. As the saying goes, “be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Be The ONE - The world is in need of new thinkers, collaborators and leaders. We need people who know how to work together and produce far greater results. But, to be that kind of person these days, you need an incredible sense of responsibility and character. Too often, for too many people, it’s “all about me.” You can be someone who puts others first, who puts the whole community first. Think ‘what will move everyone forward?’

Now is the time for stepping up and leading the way. Overcome your fear and doubt. Like the saying goes, ‘you miss 100% of the shots you never take.’ So, let’s encourage more involvement and creative change. Make this the greatest generation of youth ever! You can reach out to the lost and lonely, the discouraged and abused, and make their lives better. We need a new kind of leader, one who will champion all people, celebrate all people, and bring out the best in all people. Will you step up and be that kind of person? Bring us hope... BE THE ONE!