Aimed at high school students

In life, it’s often not what you know but who you know that determines how far we go in life. It’s your “people skills” that may be most important. It’s also a matter of commitment, how far we are willing to go to achieve our goals. Too many young people are not reaching their potential because they lack commitment, dedication and grit. They give up too easily, overdramatize the problem, and get distracted from solutions. And, when it comes to people skills, to many young people are not connected enough, or connected in the best way. From dropout to drug use, from bullying to unsafe driving, wrong thinking is leading to wrong decisions. It’s time that we back people up in a more constructive way...and live out the commitment of all for one!

This is a time for “heroes.” We need people who will inspire us, take us to the next level of life. This can be the greatest generation of young people ever. You can be smarter, kinder, and more creative. Together, we can take on the challenges of life and rise above every poor effort that’s ever been done. It’s time for incredible caring and courage!

We need to go “ALL OUT.” What we often see in people is half-hearted efforts. They lack passion. They’re not going all out. We can overcome every obstacle in life if we keep moving forward. We learn from every mistake, every failure. Once we see what is truly worthy in life, it will take total effort to make it happen. It’s about commitment!

We need to be “ALL GOOD.” Passions need direction. We need to figure out what is best in life and get busy making that happen. For too long we have just accepted the way things are and not gone after critical change. Broken relationships, drug use, car crashes, poverty, environmental damage are all coming from human beings on the wrong track. We need to be FOR positive change, lead the way to a better world...and do it NOW! WE can start new campaigns, introduce new ideas, and raise our voices for going beyond the norm!

We need to be “ALL FOR ONE.” It’s that attitude that “I’m here for can count on me.” Coming together for the bigger causes in life is important. There are too many divisions among us. Too many people ignored, or pushed aside. We can be more inclusive and help people discover their true value. The old saying is “united we stand, divided we fall.” There’s a growing interest in creating a movement for pulling together.

We need to lift up hope in people, help them see that they’re not alone. Everyone is limited by fear and confusion. Your influence matters! Young people need to see the power they have to make a difference, to alter the course of life for the better. They need to value life and make decisions to protect it. Our message must be that every life matters. As we build our levels of passion and commitment, we can form stronger human connections, lift people higher, and create a movement of kindness and power. Our battle cry should be All For One, One For All!