motivational media assemblies canada MOTIVATIONAL MEDIA ASSEMBLIES (MMA) is the
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Motivational Media Assemblies Canada

Our Mission

Motivational Media Assemblies (MMA) is the school event division of the National Alliance for Youth Development (NAYD), the international think-tank and youth leadership training organization. The NAYD is a non-profit educational company founded on the principles of integrity, faith, creativity,respect and love. Our mission is to encourage, inspire, challenge and motivate all young people and educators, regardless of race, creed, age or gender, to rise up and strive for personal excellence, responsibility and leadership in every day life.

Being the leader in assembly events and leadership training tools, MMA is deeply committed to character education and drug prevention, engaging students through contemporary media programs and offering 3-month to 3-year curriculum and behavior-changing resources. We are committed to assisting schools and families in strengthening good character, guidance and personal values. Our mission at MMA is to serve you and increase your success in building every young person in your care.

Hosting a 3 screen Motivational Media Assembly at your school is a great way to create some positive attitude. The visual aspects will be sure to grab everyone's attention, and the message will form a lasting impression.

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